Our Deep Cleaning Services Are Your Ticket To A Spotless house!

Real Maids Inc Deep Clean Service is our most detailed and thorough cleaning. When your home is in need of a 'good old-fashioned scrubbing" our deep cleaning is your best option.

When your deep cleaning is done, your house will sparkle and shine! Our deep cleaning is great for special occasions like:

  • A new baby coming home from the hospital
  • The holiday season or company is coming
  • Kids are off to college so you can reclaim your house
  • Spring cleaning time
  • Putting the house up for sale
  • Starting a new recurring service

No matter the reason, a deep clean service will get your home spotless and beautifully clean!

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We'll Keep Your Home Beautifully Clean

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Our Deep Cleaning Service Includes

Real Maids Inc's deep clean service is a multi-step, 100-checkpoint cleaning. We start with our regular clean and go above and below (literally) in every room! Just about every surface in the home will be wiped, dusted, or scrubbed. We'll get those places where dirt and debris hid, like behind furniture, under couches, and behind drapes. This is clean that can also be customized by you! All you have to do is let us know when you book the cleaning if there are specific things you'd like us to do. If these are things we can do, we'll be happy to add them. And best of all this service is backed 100% by a full-service guarantee!

Your dream home is a clean home! Give us a call today!

You're Going To Love Coming Home To Your Spotless House!

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